Build a reputation within the community and ganin friends and followers. Communicate and chat with other users anywhere in the world and organise your own custom bets, all secured and done on the block chain.

Create your own esports and gaming tournaments all in the app and secured by the blockchain!!!

Join our telegram group and take part in cash prize gaming tournaments!

Create custom bets between you and any other user for any game, on any platform and any device !!

Finally Casual or pro gamers, casual or pro athletes now have a platform to bet against each other in a secure and easy way

Use the in app Bank it token to wager against other users and earn money from staking unused coins!!

Want better odds on sports events and a way to earn money even when your not betting ??

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M.H.Bailey Founder CEO

Community Manager - Fitore Gerbeshi
Advisor - Ian Scaraffe, Erik Vorhees
Developers - Blank HQ
Consultants - Bottomline management LTD, Crowdcreate


  • Private Sale Filled ($250,000)

  • Beta App Development

  • Smart Contract Development

  • Community Growth

  • Team Expansion

  • 11 partnerships


  • Pre sale launch July 2024

  • Agreements with Gempad, AItech

  • Stage 2 of app development (in progress)

  • Beta version launch July 2024

  • Ambassadors abnnoucnments

  • Bank it esports tournament and huge merakting push

  • Public listing September 2024

  • Full app release September 2024